Empowering Asian, Black and Minoritised communities to come together and have a voice

Our Mission

Our vision is of a society in which Asian, Black and Minoritised communities are safe, healthy, and have equal opportunities at work, at home and in public life. We aim to raise awareness of the challenges facing them and through innovative campaigns and partnerships to improve outcomes through the community." Sabiah Shahzad, Chair

About Us

Highly trained and motivated team

Constituted group run by a team of experienced women activists. We have extensive "lived" experience and are proud of our projects. 

Custom-tailored approach

We are devoted to building long-term, in depth relationships with Asian, Black and Minoritised communities of all ages and backgrounds. Tailor-made campaigns.

Multifunctional programmes

We work with a diverse variety of multi functional programmes which include flexible features and full support services to really help people. 

Vital work...


We create programmes to answer the needs of all ages. From basic skills to advanced prepping for best uni places. Knowledge is the key to fight social justice.


Helping communities to grow and build food networks with an emphasis on preparing fresh and healthy meals to suit cultural diets. 

Health and well being

Good health is so vital. We look at ways to build understanding, bring communities together providing support for developing good physical and mental health. 


Offering tools to build for the future: promoting woman leaders, launching businesses and social enterprise and building confidence to tackle racist attacks.


Our Aims


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Our Impact

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We invite you to participate in our ambitious plans. Become a volunteer, donate and make that difference. Your generosity is highly appreciated!

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