About Hamara Assra 

Led by a team of diverse women we create a voice for Black, Asian and minority communities through dynamic campaigns and practical support. With a valued team of volunteers and help from local councilors and businesses we foster community cohesion and straight talking.  Experienced - Flexible - Using all channels of communication Listening and Reacting

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Our Mission

"Our vision is of a society in which Black, Asian and ethnic minorities are safe, healthy, and have equal opportunities at work, at home and in public life. We aim to raise awareness of the challenges facing them and through innovative campaigns and partnerships to improve outcomes through the community." Sabiah Shahzad, Chair

 Pillars of Our Mission

  • Justice

    Campaigning for racial harmony, equality, economic and social justice. 

  • Health & Well Being

    Promoting well being, health and community development. One on one mentoring, 

  • Legal Document

    Leadership & Education

    Building a broad network of volunteers and community leaders with education and online training for all ages.  

Safe & Easy Donations

Assra rely on the kind donations from our supporters to carry out our vital work with groups that really need our help. We focus on raising awareness, fighting for social justice, delivering education and in these difficult times assisting with the impact of Covid-19. Our small team are passionate about our work and we thank you for your kind donation.Thank youThe Assra team