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Through our work in the community it has been brought to our attention that Asian and Minoritised women over 50 yrs are suffering ongoing personal issues relating to Covid 19 that are adversely affecting their individual lives, their well being and impacting on their families. Covid 19 research shows social isolation, stress, anxiety, tiredness, negativity and weight gain in our target audience has increased. Inherent health issues, diabetes and heart conditions, diet and cultural lifestyles exacerbate the problem. In addition unemployment, financial problems and isolation are significantly associated with poor mental well being and increased rates of common mental disorders. According to the Women’s Health and Equality Consortium (WHEC) ‘Older women are particularly vulnerable to the factors leading to poor mental health including poverty, social isolation, and chronic illness. They have higher rates of mental health problems than men - women aged 50 to 54 have the highest prevalence rates for any neurotic disorder (25%).’

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Hamara Assra offers a WELL BEING PROGRAMME in Greenwich, Thamesmead, Southwark and Newham as a response to negative Covid 19 issues. A year long programme for women aged 50 plus from Asian and Minoritised communities.
Location: Clockhouse Community Centre, Woolwich, Plumstead (soon to be announced).17 June - 22nd July - 18th August 2022
Workshop sessions Learn about healthy diet the fun things you can eat, avoiding diabetes, working with cultural ingredients.Social activities, join us to chat have refreshments and share your challenges we will help you to find a solution.Tell us what you would like to do give us feedback. We are creating a members online group find out more.On warmer days we can sit out in the garden. Bring your female family and children if you wish, we are a women safe group. Just pop into Clockhouse centre or if you wish you can email us: moc.liamg%40kugroarssaaramah

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